HS8581 Professional Communication Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17

HS8581 Professional Communication Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17

HS8581       PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION                                   L T P C 0 0 2 1 

OBJECTIVES:  The course aims to:   Enhance the Employability and Career Skills of students   Orient the students towards grooming as a professional   Make them Employable Graduates   Develop their confidence and help them attend interviews successfully.

UNIT I    Introduction to Soft Skills-- Hard skills & soft skills - employability and career Skills—Grooming as a professional with values—Time Management—General awareness of Current Affairs

UNIT II     Self-Introduction-organizing the material - Introducing oneself to the audience – introducing the topic – answering questions – individual presentation practice–– presenting the visuals effectively – 5 minute presentations

UNIT III    Introduction to Group Discussion— Participating in group discussions – understanding group dynamics - brainstorming the topic -– questioning and clarifying –GD strategies- activities to improve GD skills

UNIT IV    Interview etiquette – dress code – body language – attending job interviews– telephone/skype interview -one to one interview &panel interview – FAQs related to job interviews

UNIT V    Recognizing differences between groups and teams- managing time-managing stress- networking professionally- respecting social protocols-understanding career management-developing a long-term career plan-making career changes  TOTAL : 30 PERIODS OUTCOMES:  At the end of the course Learners will be able to: • Make effective presentations • Participate confidently in Group Discussions. • Attend job interviews and be successful in them. • Develop adequate Soft Skills required for the workplace

Recommended Software  1. Globearena  2. Win English

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4. Raman, Meenakshi and Sangeeta Sharma. Professional Communication. Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2014
5. S. Hariharanetal. Soft Skills. MJP Publishers: Chennai, 2010.

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