CS8602 Compiler Design Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17

CS8602 Compiler Design Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17

CS8602   COMPILER DESIGN  L T P C 3 0 2 4 

OBJECTIVES:  To learn the various phases of compiler.   To learn the various parsing techniques.  To understand intermediate code generation and run-time environment.  To learn to implement front-end of the compiler.  To learn to implement code generator.

UNIT I            INTRODUCTION TO COMPILERS                                                                   9 Structure of a compiler – Lexical Analysis – Role of Lexical Analyzer – Input Buffering – Specification of Tokens – Recognition of Tokens – Lex – Finite Automata – Regular Expressions to Automata – Minimizing DFA.

UNIT II           SYNTAX ANALYSIS                                                                                             12 Role of Parser – Grammars – Error Handling – Context-free grammars – Writing a grammar – Top Down Parsing - General Strategies Recursive Descent Parser Predictive Parser-LL(1) Parser-Shift Reduce Parser-LR Parser-LR (0)Item Construction of SLR Parsing Table Introduction to LALR Parser - Error Handling and Recovery in Syntax Analyzer-YACC.

UNIT III          INTERMEDIATE CODE GENERATION                                                           8 Syntax Directed Definitions, Evaluation Orders for Syntax Directed Definitions, Intermediate Languages: Syntax Tree, Three Address Code, Types and Declarations, Translation of Expressions, Type Checking. 

UNIT IV         RUN-TIME ENVIRONMENT AND CODE GENERATION                              8  Storage Organization, Stack Allocation Space, Access to Non-local Data on the Stack, Heap Management - Issues in Code Generation - Design of a simple Code Generator.

UNIT V          CODE OPTIMIZATION                                                                                           8 Principal Sources of Optimization – Peep-hole optimization - DAG- Optimization of Basic BlocksGlobal Data Flow Analysis - Efficient Data Flow Algorithm.

1. Develop a lexical analyzer to recognize a few patterns in C. (Ex. identifiers, constants, comments, operators etc.). Create a symbol table,  while recognizing identifiers.
2. Implement a Lexical Analyzer using  Lex Tool
3. Implement an Arithmetic Calculator using LEX and YACC
4. Generate three address code for a simple program using LEX and YACC.
5. Implement simple code optimization techniques (Constant folding, Strength reduction and Algebraic transformation)
6. Implement back-end of the compiler for which the three address code is given as input and the 8086 assembly language code is produced as output.

OUTCOMES: On Completion of the course, the students should be able to:  Understand the different phases of compiler.       Design a lexical analyzer for a sample language.       Apply different parsing algorithms to develop the parsers for a given grammar.  Understand syntax-directed translation and run-time environment.  Learn to implement code optimization techniques and  a simple code generator.  Design and implement a scanner and a parser using LEX and YACC tools.

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