CS8791 Cloud Computing Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17

CS8791 Cloud Computing Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17

CS8791                 CLOUD COMPUTING        L T  P C  3  0  0  3 

OBJECTIVES:  To understand the concept of cloud computing.  To appreciate the evolution of cloud from the existing technologies.   To have knowledge on the various issues in cloud computing.  To be familiar with the lead players in cloud.  To appreciate the emergence of cloud as the next generation computing paradigm.

UNIT I    INTRODUCTION                                                                                                          9 Introduction to Cloud Computing – Definition of Cloud – Evolution of Cloud Computing – Underlying Principles of Parallel and Distributed Computing – Cloud Characteristics – Elasticity in Cloud – On-demand Provisioning.

UNIT II        CLOUD ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES                                                               10 Service Oriented Architecture – REST and Systems of Systems – Web Services – PublishSubscribe Model – Basics of Virtualization – Types of Virtualization – Implementation Levels of Virtualization – Virtualization Structures – Tools and Mechanisms – Virtualization of CPU – Memory – I/O Devices –Virtualization Support and Disaster Recovery.

UNIT III        CLOUD ARCHITECTURE, SERVICES AND STORAGE                                 8 Layered Cloud Architecture Design – NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture – Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds - laaS – PaaS – SaaS – Architectural Design Challenges – Cloud Storage – Storage-as-a-Service – Advantages of Cloud Storage – Cloud Storage Providers – S3.

UNIT IV        RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND SECURITY IN CLOUD                          10 Inter Cloud Resource Management – Resource Provisioning and Resource Provisioning Methods – Global Exchange of Cloud Resources – Security Overview – Cloud Security Challenges – Software-as-a-Service Security – Security Governance – Virtual Machine Security – IAM – Security Standards.

UNIT V        CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES AND ADVANCEMENTS                                         8 Hadoop  – MapReduce – Virtual Box -- Google App Engine – Programming Environment for Google App Engine –– Open Stack –  Federation in the Cloud – Four Levels of Federation – Federated Services and Applications – Future of Federation.   

OUTCOMES: On Completion of the course, the students should be able to:  Articulate the main concepts, key technologies, strengths and limitations of cloud computing.  Learn the key and enabling technologies that help in the development of cloud.  Develop the ability to understand and use the architecture of compute and storage cloud, service and delivery models.  Explain the core issues of cloud computing such as resource management and security.  Be able to install and use current cloud technologies.  Evaluate and choose the appropriate technologies, algorithms and approaches for implementation and use of cloud.

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