MA8251 Mathematics-2 Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17 (Sem-2)

HS8251 English Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17 (Sem-2)

MA8251        ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS   –   II                 L    T    P    C     4     0    0    4 


This course is designed to cover topics such as Matrix Algebra, Vector Calculus, Complex Analysis and Laplace Transform. Matrix Algebra is one of the powerful tools to handle practical problems arising in the field of engineering. Vector calculus can be widely used for modelling the various laws of physics. The various methods of complex analysis and Laplace transforms can be used for efficiently solving the problems that occur in various branches of engineering disciplines. 

UNIT I               MATRICES                                                                                                             12 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a real matrix – Characteristic equation – Properties of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors – Cayley-Hamilton theorem – Diagonalization of matrices – Reduction of a quadratic form to canonical form by orthogonal transformation – Nature of quadratic forms.                                                                                                                                           
UNIT II              VECTOR CALCULUS                                                                                          12 Gradient and directional derivative – Divergence and curl  - Vector identities – Irrotational and Solenoidal vector fields – Line integral over a plane curve – Surface integral - Area of a curved surface - Volume integral - Green‘s, Gauss divergence and Stoke‘s theorems – Verification and  application in  evaluating  line, surface  and volume integrals.     
UNIT III             ANALYTIC FUNCTIONS                                                                                    12 Analytic functions – Necessary and sufficient conditions for analyticity in Cartesian and polar coordinates - Properties – Harmonic conjugates – Construction of analytic function - Conformal mapping – Mapping  by  functions  2 1 z z czczw , ,,  - Bilinear  transformation. 

UNIT IV             COMPLEX INTEGRATION                                                                                12 Line integral - Cauchy‘s integral theorem –  Cauchy‘s integral formula – Taylor‘s and Laurent‘s series – Singularities – Residues – Residue theorem – Application of residue theorem for evaluation of real integrals – Use of circular contour and semicircular contour.

UNIT V               LAPLACE TRANSFORMS                                                                                  12 Existence conditions – Transforms of elementary functions – Transform of unit step function and  unit impulse function – Basic properties – Shifting theorems -Transforms of derivatives and integrals – Initial and final value theorems – Inverse transforms – Convolution theorem – Transform of periodic functions – Application to solution of linear second order ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients.     

After successfully completing the course, the student will have a good understanding of the following topics and their applications:
 Eigen values and eigenvectors, diagonalization of a matrix, Symmetric matrices, Positive definite matrices and similar matrices.
 Gradient, divergence and curl of a vector point function and related identities.
 Evaluation of line, surface and volume integrals using Gauss, Stokes and Green‘s theorems and their verification.
 Analytic functions, conformal mapping and complex integration.
 Laplace transform and inverse transform of simple functions, properties, various related theorems and application to differential equations with constant coefficients.

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Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17 (CSE Sem-2) English

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