EC8501 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17

EC8501 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION  Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17

EC8501        DIGITAL COMMUNICATION     L T P C 3 0 0 3 

 To know the principles of sampling & quantization  To study the various waveform coding schemes  To learn the various baseband transmission schemes  To understand the various band pass signaling schemes  To know the fundamentals of channel coding

UNIT I    INFORMATION THEORY                                                                                             9 Discrete Memoryless source, Information, Entropy, Mutual Information - Discrete Memoryless channels – Binary Symmetric Channel, Channel Capacity - Hartley - Shannon law - Source coding theorem - Shannon - Fano & Huffman codes.

UNIT II    WAVEFORM CODING & REPRESENTATION                                                        9 Prediction filtering and DPCM - Delta Modulation - ADPCM & ADM principles-Linear Predictive Coding- Properties of Line codes- Power Spectral Density of Unipolar / Polar RZ & NRZ – Bipolar NRZ - Manchester

UNIT III   BASEBAND TRANSMISSION & RECEPTION                                                        9 ISI – Nyquist criterion for distortion less transmission – Pulse shaping – Correlative coding - Eye pattern – Receiving Filters- Matched Filter, Correlation receiver, Adaptive Equalization

UNIT IV   DIGITAL MODULATION SCHEME                                                                           9 Geometric Representation of signals - Generation, detection, PSD & BER of Coherent BPSK, BFSK & QPSK - QAM - Carrier Synchronization - Structure of Non-coherent Receivers - Principle of DPSK.

UNIT V    ERROR CONTROL CODING                                                                                       9 Channel coding theorem - Linear Block codes - Hamming codes - Cyclic codes - Convolutional codes - Viterbi Decoder.


OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to  Design PCM systems  Design and implement base band transmission schemes  Design and implement band pass signaling schemes  Analyze the spectral characteristics of band pass signaling schemes and their noise performance  Design error control coding schemes

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