CE3391 FLUID MECHANICS AND MACHINERY Anna University Syllabus R2021


CE3391 FLUID MECHANICS AND MACHINERY Anna University Syllabus R2021 

CE3391 FLUID MECHANICS AND MACHINERY Anna University Syllabus R2021

CE3391              FLUID MECHANICS AND MACHINERY         L T P C3104

1. To introduce the students a b o u t properties of the fluids, behaviour of fluids under static conditions.
2. To impart basic knowledge of the dynamics of fluids and boundary layer concept.
3. To expose to the applications of the conservation laws to a) flow measurements b) flow through pipes (both laminar and turbulent) and c) forces on pipe bends.
4. To exposure to the significance of boundary layer theory and its thicknesses.
5. To expose the students to basic principles of working of hydraulic machineries and to design Pelton wheel, Francis and Kaplan turbine, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps.


Properties of fluids – Fluid statics - Pressure Measurements - Buoyancy and floatation - Flow characteristics - Eulerian and Lagrangian approach - Concept of control volume and system - Reynold’s transportation theorem - Continuity equation, energy equation and momentum equation - Applications.

UNIT II            FLOW THROUGH PIPES AND BOUNDARY LAYER                   9+3

Reynold’s Experiment - Laminar flow through circular conduits - Darcy Weisbach equation - friction factor - Moody diagram - Major and minor losses - Hydraulic and energy gradient lines - Pipes in series and parallel - Boundary layer concepts - Types of boundary layer thickness.


Fundamental dimensions - Dimensional homogeneity - Rayleigh’s method and Buckingham Pi theorem - Dimensionless parameters - Similitude and model studies - Distorted and undistorted models.

UNIT IV                                   TURBINES                                   9+3

Impact of jets - Velocity triangles - Theory of rotodynamic machines - Classification of turbines - Working principles - Pelton wheel - Modern Francis turbine - Kaplan turbine - Work done - Efficiencies - Draft tube - Specific speed - Performance curves for turbines - Governing of turbines.

UNIT V                                       PUMPS                                    9+3

Classification of pumps - Centrifugal pumps - Working principle - Heads and efficiencies– Velocity triangles - Work done by the impeller - Performance curves - Reciprocating pump working principle - Indicator diagram and it’s variations - Work saved by fitting air vessels - Rotary pumps.


On completion of the course, the student is expected to be able to

  1.  Understand the properties and behaviour in static conditions. Also, to understand the conservation laws applicable to fluids and its application through fluid kinematics and dynamics 
  2. Estimate losses in pipelines for both laminar and turbulent conditions and analysis of pipes connected in series and parallel. Also, to understand the concept of boundary layer and its thickness on the flat solid surface. 
  3. Formulate the relationship among the parameters involved in the given fluid phenomenon and to predict the performances of prototype by model studies
  4. Explain the working principles of various turbines and design the various types of turbines. 
  5. Explain the working principles of centrifugal, reciprocating and rotary pumps and design the centrifugal and reciprocating pumps


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CE3391 FLUID MECHANICS AND MACHINERY Anna University Syllabus R2021