BE8255 Electrical,Electronics and Measurement Engineering Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17 (Sem-2)


BE8255 Electrical,Electronics and Measurement Engineering Anna University Syllabus Regulation 17 (Sem-2)


 To understand the fundamentals of electronic circuit constructions.
 To learn the fundamental laws, theorems of electrical circuits and also to analyze them
 To study the basic principles of electrical machines and their performance
 To study the different energy sources, protective devices and their field applications
 To understand the principles and operation of measuring instruments and transducers

UNIT I          ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS ANALYSIS                                                                     9 Ohms Law, Kirchhoff‘s Law-Instantaneous power- series and parallel circuit analysis with resistive, capacitive and inductive network - nodal analysis, mesh analysis- network theorems - Thevenins theorem, Norton theorem, maximum power transfer theorem and superposition theorem, three phase supply-Instantaneous, Reactive and apparent power-star delta conversion. 

UNIT II          ELECTRICAL MACHINES                                                                                      9 DC and AC ROTATING MACHINES:Types, Construction, principle, Emf and torque equation, application Speed Control- Basics of Stepper Motor – Brushless DC motors- Transformers-Introduction- types and construction, working principle of Ideal transformer-Emf equation- All day efficiency calculation.

UNIT III            UTILIZATION OF ELECTRICAL POWER                                                       9 Renewable  energy sources-wind and solar panels. Illumination by lamps- Sodium Vapour, Mercury vapour, Fluorescent tube. Domestic refrigerator and air conditioner-Electric circuit, construction and working principle. Batteries-NiCd, Pb Acid and Li ion–Charge and Discharge Characteristics. Protection-need for earthing, fuses and circuit breakers.Energy Tariff calculation for domestic loads.

UNIT IV           ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS                                                                                      9 PN Junction-VI Characteristics of Diode, zener diode, Transistors configurations - amplifiers. Op amps- Amplifiers, oscillator,rectifiers, differentiator, integrator, ADC, DAC. Multi vibrator using 555 Timer IC . Voltage regulator IC using LM 723,LM 317.

UNIT V           ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENT                                                                            9 Characteristic of measurement-errors in measurement, torque in indicating instruments- moving coil and moving iron meters, Energy meter and watt meter. Transducers- classification-thermo electric, RTD, Strain gauge, LVDT, LDR and piezoelectric. Oscilloscope-CRO.

OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to:
 Discuss the essentials of electric circuits and analysis.
 Discuss the basic operation of electric  machines and transformers
 Introduction of renewable sources and common domestic loads.
 Introduction to measurement and metering for electric circuits.

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